Book Review: Liv Constantine’s ‘The Last Mrs. Parrish’


I am so glad I didn’t read a sample chapter, because I never would have purchased this domestic thriller when at the beginning I was screaming in my head, IS THERE AN EDITOR IN THE HOUSE?!

  • In the blow-by-blow account of the walk up 5th Avenue, the boutiques are ridiculously out of order. Fendi, Dior and Chanel aren’t even on Fifth, and Bergdorf’s and The Plaza aren’t north of them. (Barneys is, but its name doesn’t appear until page 142 where it’s wrongly apostrophized.)
  • Homes aren’t in, they’re on, Nantucket.
  • The “old-fashioned, pea-green shag that had probably been there since the 1980s” would be avocado-green, from the ’70s.
    Errors are not the only distraction. The contraction for “had” in the narrative is, as well. “Amber’d had to take a vacation day.” “Daphne’d been reluctant.”

Funnily, two editors (and a few beta readers) are thanked in the acknowledgments at the end.

Anyway, after getting past the errors and getting used to the tell-don’t-show writing that comprised the first part, I was hooked!

Amazing that what began as an atrociously written, seemingly predictable story (the plot and characterizations initially bore a likeness to The Secrets She Keeps) turned out to be one of the best domestic noir books as of late!! It’s what Behind Her Eyes could have been, for me.


Release date: October 17, 2017