Book Review: Jane Corry’s ‘Blood Sisters’

Secrets, lies, jealousy, and guilt.

This thriller is one of those just-one-more-chapter reads that one winds up devouring whole.

Image: Goodreads

I almost didn’t read past chapter two, after being introduced to self-harming Alison in the first and brain-damaged Kitty in the second.

The story is told from their alternating viewpoints after an accident that the reader begins to learn the details of when the POV becomes just Alison’s for the second-third. There, the story shifts between past (“Ali”) and present.

It’s similar in structure to the author’s previous novel, but faster paced and more gripping.

The twists are endless, the character development is strong, and — as I indicated earlier — the themes are mature. Yet the plot, itself, turns out to be childish, and the tightly woven but increasingly far-fetched story ends up unraveling (Oh Tee) in the final pages, with inconsistencies and a final secret that’s muddy.


Release date: January 30, 2018