Book Review: Janelle Brown’s ‘Watch Me Disappear’

Image: Goodreads

Don’t let the initial sense of magical realism put you off, as it almost did me. It’s a food-for-thought feast of an au courant novel that would be my top family-drama mystery rec for a reading group — which is why I’m excited that it’s the Target Club Pick for May 2018. The NYT  Bestseller deserves an even wider readership than it reached in hardcover as a Skimm Reads.

Although the signed Target edition of the paperback contains bonus content, I suggest reading this novel in ebook format because it prompts looking back (if not a reread) for discussion purposes. There’s more to unpack than what’s contained in the Reading Guide.

The descriptive writing — the characterizations, setting and plot (I did not know how the story would end until I reached the last sentence!) — had me savoring every word.


Release date (paperback): May 8, 2018