Book Review: Pam Jenoff’s ‘The Lost Girls of Paris’

This book is so highly readable that you don’t have to be an historical fiction reader to like it.

The description didn’t strike my fancy (and I didn’t read the author’s previous novel, The Orphan’s Tale, because it was blurbed as being for fans (which I wasn’t) of the The Night Circus and Water for Elephants); but I had snagged a digital library loan, started reading . . . and found it hard to stop!!

I was so invested in the characters and engrossed in the well told story, despite gaffes (e.g., the same phrase used among different characters: “[this] — no, [that]”), and typos in the EPUB format. It’s written in a contemporary voice.

But to her the truth had to prevail.

She was looking for why.
“Does the ‘why’ matter?”

It sure does, and it’s a thrilling journey!